‘Wild’, 2022, Mural at Centerspace Gallery & Studios Bristol, BMC Jam, painted with Graphenstone ecopaints, 2 x 2m

‘Wild’ was painted on Centerspace Gallery & Studios wall as part of a Jam with Bristol Mural Collective. It is a reference to the creative spirit in Bristol.


Have an outdoor project in mind or want to collaborate? Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature and raising awareness about climate change with eco-friendly art.

About Bristol Mural Collective


Laura Erviti is a member of BMC (Bristol Mural Collective) , an intersectional women-led mural collective. that empowers women and non-binary artists of all levels, to get together and paint the streets. Laura’s involvement with BMC allows her to connect with like-minded artists and collaborate on meaningful projects. Together, they make a positive impact on society. By using public spaces to showcase their art, BMC and its members are breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented groups to have their voices heard.

Eco-friendly art

Laura Erviti’s passion for creating eco-friendly art is evident in all her pieces. From her use of Graphenstone paint, a carbon-negative paint that absorbs CO2 to her curiosity for research in this topic. Her work embodies a dedication to sustainability and the environment. By incorporating these values into her work, she hopes to inspire others to think more critically about their impact on the planet and to consider alternative methods for creating art that are more in line with a sustainable future. Want to know more?