‘The Bengal Cat and the Light’, 2022 Oil painting on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

Most of my images come from my dreams, I assemble them together to generate new meanings. Not many dreams I feel the urge to paint them as they are, this is one of them.

It was exhibited in the group show ‘Purrrsistence’ at Carton Gallery, London UK, 2022. In the group show they were featured some of the fellow students and alumni from the University of the Arts London.

It was also exhibited at the Upfest Bristol Mural Festival Urban art Exhibition 2022, Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol.

The original painting is available.

About Purrrsistence’ at Carton Gallery, London UK

Purrrsistence’ at Carton Gallery in London celebrates feline culture through a diverse range of artworks including painting, sculpture, and photography. The exhibition explores the enduring appeal of cats as both beloved pets and symbols of mystery and power, as well as their role in popular culture throughout history. ‘Purrrsistence’ is a playful and engaging exhibition that is a must-see for cat lovers and art enthusiasts.

The exhibition explores the different roles cats have played in popular culture throughout history and showcases the talent of a range of skilled artists. Whether you’re a cat lover or an art enthusiast, ‘Purrrsistence’ is a must-see exhibition that offers something for everyone. It’s an engaging exhibition that pushes the boundaries of traditional art exhibitions.  Making it an exciting experience for all visitors. I’m so thankful for that opportunity and loved the result.


Eco-friendly art

Through her work, she highlights the importance of promoting eco-friendly art and raises awareness about the need to preserve the planet. She paints with carbon-capturing paint. Three 15-litre buckets of that paint absorb more than 10 kg of CO2 (during the curing process), the same amount as an adult tree weighing 250kg in one year.

If you’re interested in learning more about Laura’s creative process and the materials used, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!