‘The Oceanid and the Burning Sun’, 2023 Graphenstone ecopaint on canvas, 150x 100cm

Painting created for the group show ‘Nature’s Future’ at Knowle West Media Centre Gallery, Bristol UK. Augmented Reality exhibition from a collaboration between Bristol Mural Collective and Layerable. This painting was animated with other elements from my imagery to create the augmented reality experience. The painting absorbed CO2.

The original painting is available.

About Knowle West Media Centre Gallery: an Augmented Reality exhibition

Knowle West Media Centre Gallery is a vibrant space for emerging local artists . It offers exhibitions, workshops, and events that showcase diverse and talented artists, promote creativity and cultural exchange. Beyond art, it’s a community hub that celebrates diversity and promotes social cohesion. The Knowle West Media Centre Gallery has also hosted a range of innovative exhibitions, including augmented reality exhibition that merge digital and physical art. These exhibitions push the boundaries of traditional art forms and engage visitors in new and exciting ways. By using cutting-edge technology, the gallery provides a platform for artists to explore new mediums and techniques. The augmented reality exhibitions are just one example of the gallery’s commitment to showcasing innovative and thought-provoking art that challenges conventions and inspires creativity.



Eco-art for the green generation

Laura Erviti’s passion for creating eco-art is evident in all of her pieces. By using Graphenstone paint, a carbon-negative paint that absorbs CO2, and her dedication to researching sustainability topics, Laura hopes to inspire others to consider their impact on the planet and explore alternative methods for creating art that are in line with a sustainable future.

If you’re interested in learning more about ethical and sustainable paints and want some recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch!