The Goddess of Circular Economy’, 2022 100 x 70 cm

The circular economy goddess is a symbol of hope, inspiring us to think differently about the way we consume and interact with our planet.

The composition invites you to contemplate our interconnectedness with the earth and to envision a world where we all strive together to create a more sustainable future.

The painting absorbed CO2. It was exhibited at ‘The Show’ at Central Saint Martins, as part of all MA and PostGrad End of Year Showcase.

It was Exhibitied as a print at the group show ‘ArtHouse’, Milton Keynes, London.

Environmentally Friendly Art. The original painting is sold / available, private collection.

Limited edition prints & artist proofs are currently avilable.



Environmentally friendly art

Through her work, she highlights the importance of promoting sustentable art and raises awareness about the need to preserve the planet.She paints with carbon capturing paint. Three 15 litre buckets of that paint absorbs more than 10Kg of CO2 (during the curing process), the same amount as an adult tree weighing 250kg in one year.

If you’re interested in learning more about Laura’s creative process and materials used, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!