‘Birds of Paradise’ , 2022, Mural Painted at BMC Jam, with Graphenstone ecopaints, 3 x 3m

‘Birds of Paradise’ is a mural that comes on top of a portrait sketch on the wall. Playing with the multiple narratives of the layers and history of a wall, and the hidden concepts behind the piece we can see.

Have an outdoor project in mind or want to collaborate? Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature and raising awareness about climate change and ecopaints.


About Bristol Mural Collective

Bristol Mural Collective, (BMC) is an inclusive women-led group of mural artists, working together to promote empowerment for women and non-binary artists of all levels. And to create colourful, meaningful murals on the streets. Laura’s membership with BMC allows her to be in touch with fellow creatives and collaborate on impactful projects such as this one. Together, they have a positive influence on society. Through the use of public spaces to display their murals, BMC are erasing boundaries and providing avenues for underrepresented groups to express their views.

Graphenstone Ecopaints

Laura Erviti’s eco-conscious art showcases her commitment to sustainability and the environment. From her use of carbon-absorbing Graphenstone ecopaints to her passion for inspiring others to explore alternative ways of creating art. By incorporating these values into her work, she hopes to encourage others to think more critically about their impact on the planet. And also, consider more sustainable methods of creating art.

Do you want to know more about what materials I use for my carbon-capturing paintings?